It’s a beautiful, sunny day, as it so often is in Los Angeles, so you and your family decide to take a walk. As you walk along, enjoying the nice day, you are unaware that life is about to change in a blink of an eye. A distracted driver swerves out of his lane and heads straight towards you. As you try to dive out of the way, the vehicle strikes you. This scenario is actually quite common and can cause serious injury and even death. 

If a similar situation has happened to you or your family, it is important to know that you can be compensated for any loss that was caused by the accident. When seeking compensation for damages, you should always use an experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney. Some of the benefits of using an attorney include:

  • Help Negotiating – Many people do not have the experience and knowledge it takes to negotiate to get the compensation deserved. An experienced attorney will know what the case is worth and will aim for that number.
  • Deal with adjusters and attorneys – Your attorney will be able to deal directly with the insurance adjusters and attorneys. Many adjusters will take advantage of someone not using representation. 
  • Greater settlement amount – Generally, people who use attorneys for their case will receive a higher payout after the settlement than those who go it alone.
  • Guidance – A lawyer will be able to guide you through the settlement process. All your questions will be answered and concerns put at ease. 

If you have been involved in a walking accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney at Steinberg Injury Lawyers to discuss your legal options. Call 1-800-350-8888 for a free case evaluation. 

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