After an accident, you may be left facing a traumatic brain injury. What many do not realize, however, is that even seemingly small accidents can result in a brain injury. If the injury was mild, it is often overlooked. Brain injury symptoms sometimes do not appear for weeks or months after the accident, and when they do, are often missed by the victim, the victim’s family, and the victim’s medical team. The symptoms may also be mistakenly attributed to another condition. Unfortunately, even mild brain injuries can have a substantial impact on a victim’s daily life.

Symptoms of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

When a traumatic brain injury involves a loss of consciousness or confusion and disorientation that lasts less than 30 minutes, it may be classified as mild. MRIs and CAT scans of the brain are often determined to be normal. However, the symptoms of a mild brain injury can have a real and lasting impact on a victim’s life. Common examples of symptoms of mild brain injuries include the following:

  1. Headaches
  2. Difficulty thinking
  3. Problems with memory
  4. Difficulty focusing
  5. Mood swings
  6. Frustration
  7. Difficulty sleeping
  8. Depression
  9. Seizures
  10. Loss of balance
  11. Fatigue

Unfortunately, these symptoms can be long lasting. The result is often devastating for both the victim and his or her family. Victims must act quickly in order to pursue a claim for compensation that ideally will help alleviate some of this burden. We encourage you to contact us today at 1-800-350-8888 to schedule a free consultation.

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