No one ever teaches you what you are supposed to do after you are injured in an accident. This is foreign territory that you must navigate after you have been injured in an accident.  

Most accident victims wrongly assume that you can work directly with the insurance company to easily reach a settlement. Guess what? It is not that simple. The insurance adjuster will look for ways to minimize your claim and will try to catch you saying something that would wreck your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve. Don’t think for a second that the insurance company will be looking out for its best interests.

There is good news, however. You can enlist the help of an experienced accident attorney who will step in on your behalf to ensure you are treated fairly.  The lawyers here at Steinberg  knowledgeable Los Angeles accident attorney and we will review the evidence in your case to not only determine who was at fault, but also to calculate the estimated value of your claim.

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