Premises Liability is the legal term for what is commonly called a  slip-and-fall accidents.  They are a very common form of personal injury claims. In fact, they happen every day. However, in order to understand what type of compensation you might be eligible for from the liable property owner in the wake of this type of accident, it is important to know what form of slip-and-fall accident you had.

There are four standard types of slip-and-fall accidents, which vary in terms of what specifically caused the fall.

  1. Trip-and-Fall Accidents: these type of accidents are caused by a foreign object impeding a walking path, usually causing someone to trip over them and fall. This can be anything from cinder blocks to a tree stump.
  2. Stump-and-Fall Accidents: this type of accident is caused by an impediment in a walking surface, such as broken pavement. For a stump-and-fall accident to occur, a person would usually have to walk into or fall over the walking path impediment, leading to injury.
  3. Step-and-Fall Accidents: these accidents are caused when there’s a hole or opening in a walking surface, causing an unexpected fall or trip. These types of falls are especially common.
  4. Slip-and-Fall Accidents: this form of accident happens when a surface meant for walking is too slippery, and causing a loss of friction between the shoe and the walking surface. This then causes the person walking on the surface to either slip or slide on the surface before falling.

Avoiding these types of accidents is possible, mainly by being aware of your surroundings and asking about them ahead of time. Knowing a pathway is dangerous can prevent this type of fall, and alerting the person responsible for the property when you first notice a dangerous condition can stop others from falling in the future. 

So, protect yourself by being aware of your surrounding. If you do become injured as a result of a fall protect your financial interest.  Call us now for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.  The call and consultation are free.  You have nothing to lose to get the information that is critical to you, or your loved ones, physical and financial recovery. 

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