If you are a tenant in Los Angeles, Orange County or other area within Southern California, you may be wondering if you will be able to file a claim for your slip and fall accident.  You may have fallen on broken stairs at the home you rent or slipped at your apartment complex.  The fact is - you are probably concerned that your landlord will try to blame you for the accident, therefore making it impossible to obtain compensation.

It is true that landlords will do what they can to argue that injuries sustained on their properties were not their fault.  The landlord or property owner might make the allegation that you fell because of your own carelessness, such as not paying attention to where you were walking.  These types of arguments will be made so that the property owner can reduce or completely eliminate responsibility, making it difficult for you to recover compensation for your injuries.

Southern California slip and fall cases can be tricky.  If there was a hazardous condition on the property that made you fall, such as a water spill, the landlord may say that the condition happened before they had a chance to know about it.  Another common argument that landlord may use is that the condition was so obvious, that you should have been able to see it and take action to prevent injury.

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