Since using a seat belt can save your life, its use is strongly promoted by safety organizations as well as local, state, and national government. Like every other state, California has specific laws pertaining to seat belt usage within the state. All drivers and passengers should therefore familiarize themselves with the requirements outlined by these laws.

6 Facts About California’s Seat Belt Laws

Interested in learning more about the state’s seat belt laws? The following is an overview of important information:

  • Every person riding in a car in California must be contained by an approved safety-restraint system.
  • If a person has a letter from their doctor excusing him from the seat belt law, he may be exempt from complying based upon medical issues.
  • Passengers 16 years old and older can be cited for failing to comply with the seat belt law.
  • Drivers are responsible for not only their obligation to wear a seat belt, but also for the behavior of their passengers. Therefore, they can be cited for any seat belt violation that occurs within their vehicle.
  • A first offense for violating California’s seat belt law is accompanied by a $20 fine.
  • Subsequent offenses for violating the seat belts are accompanied by a $50 fine.

Unfortunately, injuries can and do occur even when all parties in a vehicle were wearing seat belts at the time of the car accident. We are here to help guide victims through the process of pursuing a claim and protecting their legal rights. When you are ready to learn more, we encourage you to contact us at 800-989-6385 to schedule a free consultation.

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