Our 41 year old client was in the process of making a delivery of Pepsi Cola products using a hand truck.  He was making the delivery at Sodexo Plaza Café, located within Cedars-Sinai Medical Center facility in Los Angeles.  He was stacking and wheeling products on the hand truck to the storage room of the café. 

As our client was walking through the kitchen with the loaded hand truck in front of him, he stepped on a drain cover which came off.  This caused him to slip and fall as his foot went down into the hole.  He slipped and fell backwards with the hand truck and cases of water fell on top of him.  He landed on his tailbone/back and struck his head on the corner of a freezer unit. 

Our seriously injured client sustained:

  • a laceration to the back of his head which required staples, 
  • multiple epidurals,
  • a microdiscectomy at L4-5,
  • trigger point injections, 
  • and radiofrequency neuroablation of the bilateral L3, L4. L5 and S1 medial branch nerves.     

This case settled at mediation with Cedar Sinai accepting liability for the injuries sustained in the slip and fall from the unsecured drain cover.  We recovered $500,000 to cover the clients medical bills, loss of wages and pain and suffering.