When humans drive cars, it’s relatively simple to prove who’s liable for an accident. Drivers are responsible because nine times out of ten, they are supposed to be in control. However, when it comes to autonomous vehicles, it isn't so clear-cut. 


Since their introduction, self-driving cars have been the subject of many headlines depicting how they have injured and even killed people. In some cases, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility, and in other instances, user error was to blame


When you’re involved in an accident, sorting out who’s at fault can be difficult, especially when self-driving cars are involved. This task may seem daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone.  We’re here to help. 


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Self Driving Car Accident Statistics

Automated vehicles’ life-saving potential and the potential to reduce injuries are rooted in 94% of serious crashes due to human error. Automated vehicles could remove human error from the crash equation, which could potentially protect travelers. 


A recent study conducted by Axios found that out of 38 instances of automated vehicle accidents, humans caused 37 of the accidents. 

When Are Automated Vehicles At Fault for Accidents?

Sometimes the design of the vehicle is defective. There have been traditional vehicles manufactured with centers of gravity that were too high, leading to rollover crashes. Likewise, autonomous vehicle design and technology design could potentially fail. If they do, the manufacturer may be at fault. 


As with any other vehicle, parts can be defective. If a driverless car is appropriately operated and as designed but still fails, the manufacturer could be held responsible for any injuries caused by the vehicle. 

When Are Humans At Fault for Autonomous Vehicle Accidents?

Even the best technology won’t protect people from negligence. When drivers fail to remain alert while at the wheel or misuse their technology, they could be held responsible for accidents and injuries caused. Additionally, government agencies permitting self-driving vehicles on public roads could potentially be accountable if the testing exposes the public to an unreasonable risk or harm.

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