Is technology making us worse drivers? Some car accident lawyers point to technology as a solution to car accidents, while others believe it to be the culprit. Whenever there is a debate, the best place to start when brainstorming solutions is the data. So, what does the data say about technology making us worse drivers?


Generally, there are mixed results, and it can be challenging to quantify what “worse” means. For instance, car accident rates have dropped significantly in the last 30 years. However, they are also on the rise within the previous ten years. 


Overall, the data suggest that some types of technology can be helpful, while others like cell phones, smartwatches, etc. contribute to thousands of accidents each year. 


Learn more about how technology affects driving below. 

What is the Latest Technology in Cars?

Technology continues to affect every area of life. Some experts would say that people have gotten smarter in the last half-century, but everyone would agree that cars have gotten smarter. Examples of the latest technology in cars include:


As you can see, there is no shortage of lifesaving technology inside of the modern vehicle. Still, it’s not the technology inside of the car that is causing most distracted driving accidents. It’s usually the technology we bring into the car with us. 

How Does Technology Affect Driving?

The technology built into the car has made driving less stressful and, in many ways, safer. However, cell phones, dashcams, GPS devices, smartwatches, etc. cause millions of people to engage in distracted driving every day. 


According to the CDC, nearly 3,500 annual accident fatalities are resulting from distracted driving. Also, more than 390,000 people are injured in accidents involving unfocused drivers. 


How to Avoid Distraction When You Drive

In today’s age, it’s difficult to avoid distractions while driving. However, there are ways to combat that urge to read a text message, look for new music, or fiddle with an app. Listed below are a few tips to help you avoid the dangers of distracted driving. 

  • Only use your cell phone for emergencies

  • Use the autopilot/driver-assist technology, but stay alert

  • Avoid multi-tasking

  • Use the “driving mode” on your cell phone 

  • Keep all technology out of reach and sight 

What to do if You Are the Victim of Distracted Driving

If you have been injured due to distracted driving, it’s in your best interest to immediately contact a car accident lawyer in your area. At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, we are experienced, proven, and ready to help you seek maximum compensation for your injuries. 


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