Bus accidents are complicated personal injury matters because of the number of people involved.  Victims and their families must understand their legal rights if involved in a bus accident.


The attorneys at Steinberg Injury Lawyers use their extensive experience to represent the victims of bus accidents. Our attorneys’ skills and knowledge are vital to conducting a thorough analysis of your case’s details. 


There are some essential things you need to consider before filing a claim. If you have been seriously injured in a bus accident, consult with a proven Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and discuss your case.

Public Vs Private Bus 

When you sustain injuries on a private bus, or a tour bus, for example, you will be filing a personal injury claim against a private company or individual. The statute of limitations for a personal injury accident is two years, and if you don’t file your lawsuit within two years from your accident, you could legally lose your right to compensation.


When you are injured because of an accident on a public bus due to the bus driver’s negligence or the bus owner, you will need to file a lawsuit against a government agency. Public buses belong to the local government, and personal injury claims filed against public accidents are claims against the government. 


The statute of limitations for claims against government agencies is only six months. Bus accident lawyers have found success by being familiar with the laws in place that affect your bus accident case. 

What is the Common Carrier Rule?

The common carrier rule is a California law stating that we should expect bus drivers to use a higher duty of care when providing transportation for citizens. Under California law, common carriers are required to transport passengers safely. Common carriers must exercise the highest care and vigilance to reasonably avoid harm to passengers. 


All drivers are responsible for a duty of care to passengers, but they only have to exercise reasonable care. That’s why the common carrier rule differs from the duty of care owed in the average personal injury claim.


If you’re unsure whether your bus driver acted within their duty of care, then consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney right away. 

Who is Liable in a Bus Accident? 

Many parties could be held responsible for your bus accident injuries. Bus drivers are an obvious suspect, but other parties may be liable. Bus companies are responsible for having their vehicles routinely maintained, and the failure to do so is considered negligent. 


Bus companies can be found liable because of respondeat superior, which states that a company is liable for its agents and employees’ negligent actions, which are performed according to their duties and responsibilities. 


Bus mechanics could also be held liable for the work they provide if their negligence in maintaining part of the bus leads to an accident. Bus part manufacturers could be responsible for injuries caused by design defects in the manufacturing process.

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