Due to their size and weight, truck accidents involving large trucks and commercial vehicles often cause more destruction than any other type of motor vehicle accident. Those involved in truck accidents are more likely to suffer significant injuries, including death.

If you were injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, lost income, pain, and suffering, etc. 

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Learn about California statistics for truck accidents below. 

A Closer Look at The Statistics

California has some of the highest numbers of fatal truck accidents per year. In fact, Texas is the only state with more annual fatal truck crashes. Take a look at California truck accident statistics below. 

  • California averages nearly 113 fatal truck crashes per year.

  • Nearly 3,000 truck accidents in the state result in injuries.

  • Each year between 200 - 300 drivers die from truck accidents.

  • Most California truck accidents occur on the highway (i.e., I-5, I-10, and I-715)

  • A majority of truck accidents occur in Los Angeles County.

Major Causes of Truck Accidents

Large trucks require more distance to stop and have many “blind spots.” These shortcomings, in addition to driver fatigue, can lead to unsafe driving and accidents. Truck drivers are not the only parties at fault; many truck accidents are caused by negligence on behalf of passenger vehicle drivers.


Common causes for truck accidents in California include:

  • Reckless driving

  • Improper lane switching or turning 

  • Driving under the influence

  • Not giving enough stopping or turning space

  • Sleep deprivation 

  • Violation of other commercial motor vehicle laws

What to do if You Are in a Truck Accident 

If you are involved in an accident with a truck, seek immediate medical attention. Also, collect and preserve as much evidence from the scene, such as pictures, videos, and other relevant information. 


You should exchange insurance and contact information with the truck driver and any other drivers involved in the accident. Contact your insurance company, but do not give them a statement until you speak with your attorney. If you have sustained injuries, attend all medical appointments, and follow your doctor’s orders.

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If you have suffered injuries due to a truck driver’s negligence, it is in your best interest to move as quickly as possible. Insurance providers for trucking companies spare no expense to defend their clients and save themselves money. 


Truck accident personal injury cases are typically more complicated and take longer to resolve. The insurance companies put up more of a fight because they stand to lose a lot of money if they have to pay out personal injury claims to truck accident victims. 


Fortunately, you don’t have to fight for your right to fair compensation alone. Our truck accident lawyers are prepared to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. Contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers online or call 1-800-350-8888 today to schedule your free, no-obligation initial consultation. 

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