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In Southern California, being a landlord involves more than collecting tenant rent checks. These duties include maintaining rental properties and fixing hazards. Landlords who do not take adequate steps to fulfill these obligations can face lawsuits from injured tenants and their Southern California injury lawyers.

Just because you are hurt while at your rented home or apartment unit does not mean that your landlord is responsible for the harm you suffer. A Southern California injury lawyer should review the facts that led to your injury and can then advise you if you have a legal case against your landlord.

Establishing Landlord Liability in California

The law recognizes that landlords owe their tenants certain legal obligations. These include the duty to disclose known dangers and those hazards that the landlord should reasonably know about. These include dangers like:

  • Defective electrical wiring
  • Poorly lit steps
  • Walkways in disrepair
  • Weak and sagging floors
  • Snow and ice that is not removed or treated
  • Carpet or tiles that are uneven or trip hazards

Once alerted to a hazard, the landlord must take reasonable steps to fix it promptly while respecting the tenant's rights, including their right to privacy and enjoyment of their residence, without unnecessary disruption.

Proving Your Landlord Knew About the Hazard

When you are hurt in your rental unit, one of the first hurdles you will face if you sue your landlord for damages is showing your landlord knew or should have known about the danger. You can do this in several ways, including:

  • Taking photographs showing the hazard was in a public and obvious place
  • Saving text messages and voicemails you sent your landlord about the hazard
  • Letters or notices your landlord posted to advise residents of the danger
  • Witnesses who noticed the hazard and made comments about it
  • Notices from public authorities alerting the landlord to hazards

You may have some of this evidence in your possession, while others may require some investigation and legal process to obtain. Your Southern California injury lawyer will know the tools available to preserve and collect evidence.

Your Landlord Must Take Reasonable Steps to Address the Situation

Once you show your landlord knew or should have known about the hazard that harmed you, you must also show they did not act reasonably in addressing it. 

A court considering the reasonableness of your landlord’s actions will look at the complexity of the hazard, the resources available to your landlord, and the length of time between when your landlord learned of the danger and your injury.

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