Devastating injuries often arise from traffic accidents, especially those involving large trucks colliding with smaller vehicles. Trucks of all sorts serve important functions on our roadways, hauling everything from the food we eat to the trash we throw away. At the same time, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that most passenger vehicles just don’t stand up to the impact of several tons of metal. What many people do not realize is that different types of commercial trucks pose different dangers. Luckily, the statistical frequency of truck accidents can be lessened by being aware of when and where you are likely to encounter large commercial trucks and what specific dangers they pose. 

Rollover Danger

Most commercial trucks post a danger of rollovers because almost all of their cabs and loads tend to be very high. One exception is empty flatbed trucks, which have long, open trailers. However, a full flatbed truck still poses a significant risk of rollover, particularly if the cargo shifts during a tight turn or a hard stop. Do not drive alongside a commercial truck, and try to stay at least 500 feet back.

Hazardous Materials

Truck accidents involving hazardous materials are relatively rare in Los Angeles, and many parts of the country place extra restrictions on trucks that are transporting dangerous materials such as commercial chemicals. However, your local garbage truck likely contains hazardous material in small amounts, and by their nature they must drive down residential roads and alleyways. Any truck accident that involves hazardous material exposure must be handled carefully, with an eye toward planning for health issues occurring years down the road as a result of present day exposure.

Inadequately Trained Drivers

Drivers who are inadequately trained are more common than one might think. While all commercial truck drivers must get their CDL, or “Commercial Driver License,” this alone does not mean that they have been properly trained. It takes years of experience to become comfortable handling trucks such as big rigs and tow trucks. Unfortunately, many companies are so desperate for inexpensive truck drivers that they put inexperienced people behind the wheel. When this results in an accident, it’s smart to hire a Los Angeles truck accident attorney early on, to make sure the company is held responsible.

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