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Surveillance cameras are everywhere, including business establishments and on the streets. Such cameras are placed with several purposes, including detecting theft and helping alert authorities to emergencies. 

When you are hurt in a slip and fall accident, such surveillance footage can be an indispensable piece of evidence that your slip and fall lawyer can use to prove your case.

One of the first things your slip and fall lawyer will investigate is whether the accident was captured on surveillance footage. This is because the camera is an ideal witness to your injury incident. Unlike a human being, the surveillance camera does not forget important details or favor one party.

The Benefits of Video Camera Evidence

Aside from being an objective witness to what it captures, there are other practical benefits of having security camera footage available. First, once it is preserved, it is available for use whenever you need it. If there is a delay in resolving your case, the surveillance footage will be easily available.

Not only is video footage more readily available than human witnesses, but its memory does not deteriorate in time. Even if a human witness can testify years after your accident, their memory may have become hazy. However, surveillance footage will not change just because months or years have passed.

Finally, surveillance footage of your accident is often more powerful than a witness’s testimony, as pictures and images are more vivid and easily comprehended by others. 

Surveillance Footage Is Not Always Available

Despite the benefits of having surveillance footage in your case, there are several reasons why a skilled slip and fall lawyer in California cannot obtain it. Some of these reasons could be:

No Surveillance Camera Was Nearby

Although security and surveillance cameras are more prevalent than ever, they are not everywhere. One reason your attorney may not have been able to obtain security footage is that there is no footage of your accident. 

Even if you remember seeing a security camera, it may not have been powered on or pointed in the right direction.

Footage Is Provided in an Unrecognizable Video Format

Most modern surveillance cameras store their footage on a nearby drive from which the footage can be downloaded. However, some systems save the footage in a unique format that is not easily played on other devices. If your slip and fall lawyer does not have the correct media player to play the footage, it will be useless for you.

The Footage Is Not Preserved Quickly

Finally, surveillance footage can be lost if not downloaded and preserved quickly. Many businesses and owners of security cameras will write over footage after a certain number of days to preserve data space. You and your lawyer must act quickly before this happens, or else such footage will be lost forever.

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