It’s hard to cope with a brain injury—even if you’re not the one who hit his head. Although it sounds incredible, friends and family are often overcome with grief after an accident. Many may even attempt to avoid a loved one who has suffered a brain injury, simply because they are unsure of how to react to a victim’s changing moods.

How to Respond to a Brain Injury Victim’s Mood Changes and Outbursts

It is common for brain injury victims to experience violent mood changes for a number of reasons. The physical trauma from the accident may have damaged the part of the brain that regulates emotional responses. The victim may also react out of frustration as he comes to terms with his injury and its limitations.

There are many things loved ones can do to help a survivor acclimate to life with a brain injury, including:

  • Develop a routine to reinforce you friend’s short-term memory. Make sure he has easy access to common life details, such as a watch or clock, a calendar, and his address and contacts’ phone numbers.
  • Make sure you give your friend space when he needs it. This includes rest breaks and the ability to vent his frustration in a non-violent way.
  • If he is able, ask your friend if he would like to get out of the house. This can be to see a ball game or do something social to get out of his house. A change of environment can help combat depression.
  • Always ask your friend about his life and future plans in a positive and engaging way. Encourage any new ideas or hobbies and remind him that he is still able to do things despite his limitations.

It may take some time before your friend is able to cope with the circumstances of his injury, but there are ways to get him the medical care and specialized devices he will need for the future. If someone you love was seriously injured in a car accident in Riverside, we can help. Check out our testimonials page to see how we have helped brain injury victims get justice, or click on the contact link to tell us what happened. 


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