Trucking and shipping companies operate numerous large trucks and tractor-trailers on our busy roadways every day. While drivers may feel a little nervous passing a semi on the 91 or breathe a sigh of relief after a close call with a shipping truck, many are unprepared for just how serious a truck accident can be—or just how complicated the insurance claim that follows such an accident can become.

Individuals May Have Trouble Fighting Against Large Trucking Companies

Individuals who are injured in accidents with commercial trucks are often facing large trucking companies and insurance companies who are interested in saving their own bottom lines and mitigating the impact a single accident might have on business. These companies have access to their own highly trained legal teams and extensive financial resources, making it difficult for individuals and families to compete for a truly fair outcome. Victims can be quickly overwhelmed by tricks and traps specifically designed to trip up their injury claims, and many accept offers that do not cover the full extent of the catastrophic and life-changing injuries they’ve suffered as a result of an accident with a large, heavy truck. 

Because trucking companies are prepared for accidents in a way that individuals typically are not, it’s sometimes necessary to “even the playing field” in order to negotiate a successful claim. By bringing in your own legal team, you can rest assured that your rights are being protected and that you understand what happens next.

If you have been injured by a truck driver in Riverside, you need answers fast. To learn more about protecting your rights, pursuing an injury claim, and negotiating fair compensation with the trucking company, email our team today, or browse our other blog posts for additional hints and tips.


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