Our beautiful Southern California weather means that many people turn to their motorcycles for transportation, whether in the city or on the highway. However, riders face increased risk because of the smaller size of their vehicles, especially when riders share the road with huge tractor-trailers and heavy commercial trucks. Unfortunately, devastating tragedies usually result from collisions between the biggest and smallest vehicles on the road.

Semi Accidents Are Often Severe, But Motorcyclists Face Increased Risks

Passenger cars are much smaller than semi-trucks, meaning that occupants are often in danger from the size and weight of the larger truck. When an even smaller motorcycle is hit by a large semi-truck, however, the rider’s simple protections seem almost laughably inadequate. Motorcyclists may be instantly killed or suffer long-term, disabling injuries that will affect them for years to come.

And these accidents are not as uncommon as they should be. Commercial drivers are often overworked, tired, distracted, or starting to fade at the end of a long haul. When you add the smaller size of a motorcycle, the additional time both vehicles need to react and come to a stop, and the difficulty a truck driver may have in seeing riders on the road—you create a recipe for disaster.

Severely Injured Victims of Truck Accidents Deserve Real Support and Focused Legal Attention—Our Riverside Legal Team Can Start Helping Today

Commercial drivers, or the trucking companies they work for, are often responsible for these accidents, but the injured motorcyclists and their families may have trouble pursuing a claim alone. Our experienced Riverside personal injury team would be happy to speak with you about your concerns, help you get your questions answered, and make sure you understand your rights and options after you or a family member has been severely injured. To learn more, contact us today by phone, by email, or via the confidential contact form on this page.


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