I felt it necessary to address a very specific situation that applies to our clients who are injured in slip and fall accidents while on the job.  We are often called in our Los Angeles office by potential clients who say that they have a slip and fall work comp case.  Once we begin asking the important questions about how and where the fall took place we often identify a "third-party" claim as well.

Let me explain...When you are injured on the job, the Workers' Compensation system covers you for those injuries.  But, if you are injured while working and you are at a location not owned by your employer, then you may also have rights to recover money for injuries caused by the fall from the property owner.  This is called a "third-party case".

We recently reported the results of a case that we settled on behalf of our client who was injured in a slip and fall accident while delivering products in Los Angeles.  This is a fairly obvious case because the injured worked was a delivery person and routinely has to be on property not owned by his employer.

Here are a few instances when you may be working and slip and fall on someone else's property that may result in a third-party case:

  • If you are attending a business meeting outside of your office
  • at a work required convention
  • in a restaurant for a business dinner 

I am aware of some instances that our clients have been advised by other attorneys that the injuries sustained in their slip and fall accident while working is strictly a workers' compensation claim.  NOT SO!  Be sure that the attorney that you hire looks in to the possibility of a third-party claim to be sure that you are receiving all of the compensation available to you.

If you are not sure if your slip and fall accident may also have a third-party claim, call us for a free consultation.


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