You may know someone who has been injured in a slip and fall accident. Maybe you have recently tripped and are experiencing pain to one of your knees.  Even the simplest of accidents can lead to serious and life altering knee problems.

A knee injury can be serious. It can affect the ligaments and tendons that surround the knee joints, as well as damage the bones, cartilage and ligaments that make up the joint.  It can be very painful and impact all aspects of your life.

Victims injure their knees from accidents ranging from a blown knee due to a fall to tripping and landing awkwardly. Injuries can include ligament injuries, tendon injuries, bursitis and dislocated knee caps.

Accidents can take place just about anywhere, including at the workplace and in public areas. A lot of times a common factor is negligence on the part of someone else.

A serious knee injury can take weeks and even years to fully recover. Some victims face a lifetime of pain. It can affect your ability to perform your job and result in a loss of income.

If you or someone you know has suffered a knee injury in a slip and fall accident, you have legal rights. You should contact an experienced Los Angeles accident attorney at Steinberg at (800) 350-8888.

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