Some football fans make their Super Bowl party a major annual event, spending lots of time meticulously arranging every aspect of the big game-day get-together. However, when it comes organizing a successful Super Bowl party, planning for safety is even more important than planning the menu.

Beer, wine, and cocktails are popular game-day libations, but hosts who decide to serve these and other alcoholic beverages have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their guests. If guests who leave the party and drive under the influence go on to cause a drunk driving-related car accident, the host of the party may be liable and face prosecution. Don't let a fun day spiral out of control, potentially ending friendships and even lives. Use these simple safety tips to plan a Super Bowl party that's as safe as it is enjoyable.

Plan Ahead for Safe and Sober Rides

  • When inviting guests to your game-day party, ask them to arrange a safe ride home in advance if they plan to drink.
  • Help guests who don't arrange their ride in advance connect with designated drivers at the party.
  • Make sure that everyone has a safe ride lined up before serving alcoholic beverages.
  • Make the phone numbers of local cab companies, sober ride programs, and ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft readily available for guests who plan to call for a ride home. With so many options, it's easier than ever to ensure that friends and family make it home safe and sound.
  • You can also ask guests who are enjoying alcoholic drinks to hang their keys on a designated hook until the end of the party.

Sensible Serving Suggestions

When and how you serve alcoholic drinks, as well as what you serve them with, can make a big difference. For best results:

  • Serve alcoholic beverages with plenty of food, particularly high-protein and carbohydrate-rich snacks that can slow down the effects of the alcohol.
  • Make sure to offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, such as water, soda, juice, or tea.
  • Serve alcoholic drinks one at a time, and consider alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Stop serving alcohol when NFL stadiums do—at the end of the game's third quarter.
  • Instead of alcoholic beverages, serve coffee or hot cocoa, and dessert during the fourth quarter of the game.


Putting these tips into action and making your guests' safety your top priority is a great way to ensure that your Super Bowl party goes off without a hitch.


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