Netting extended for safety purposes at Dodger Stadium

Nothing is better than spending Saturday afternoon at the ballpark. Great friends, great weather, and a great ball game make for a wonderful afternoon.

Sometimes that afternoon turns tragic. Baseball is a fun sport to play and to watch, but certain seats at the ballpark are more dangerous than others.

Baseball Stadium Netting

We’ve all seen the stories in the news over the last few years about netting at baseball stadiums. Last year, a 79-year-old woman died shortly after she was hit in the head by a foul ball at a Dodger’s game. When the incident occurred, there was actually netting behind home plate.  

Years ago, there wasn’t any netting at all. Now after countless other incidents, there’s a push to extend netting up along the entire stretch of both baselines.

No matter your level of fandom and where you stand on the netting issue, you recognize that people are getting injured. Baseballs are thrown from the pitcher to the batter at speeds often approaching 100 mph. When the ball comes off the bat at those speeds, a ball impacting a human can be deadly. 

The Dodgers Move to Protect Fans

Accidents happen which is why more and more baseball teams are taking action to protect innocent fans from accidents. The Los Angeles Dodgers have done just that, extending the netting beyond each team’s dugout, a safety measure to help protect patrons in a larger area of the ballpark.

After reviewing the data, the organization decided to increase the netting behind home plate an extra 124 feet along the baseline. This was after raising the height of netting to 33 feet earlier this summer. 

When people come to watch a baseball game, they don’t expect to get injured. After all, they aren’t playing - just watching. 

Even with extended netting, accidents can still happen, especially with unpredictable foul balls. However, it’s crucial for organizations to take steps to protect the public from preventable injuries.

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