The 101 freeway being wet after a winter storm in Southern California If you’ve ever driven around Southern California during the wintertime, you likely already know that the season can be treacherous despite the comparatively favorable conditions. After all, Southern California experiences a fair amount of rain and increased winds throughout the winter months.

These weather conditions mean that drivers need to exercise more caution than usual. Southern California has a high volume of traffic, and most people are seemingly in a rush. This dangerous combination results in even more hazardous conditions that could lead to car accidents requiring consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

To help ensure that you stay prepared, here are some of the most common winter accidents you could be up against.

Loss of Vehicle Control

Rainy and wet conditions increase the chances of a vehicle losing traction and sliding around the road. These chances are increased further if the driver is speeding or behaving in a reckless manner. Other reckless actions include making sharp turns at high speeds or changing lanes too quickly and hitting a patch of oil.

Visibility Issues

Any personal injury lawyer can tell you that visibility issues are a major issue during Southern California’s winters. During the rainy season, the water often hits so hard that it causes a mist to spread all over. This can limit a driver’s visibility and increase the chances of getting into an accident. 

Additionally, any vehicle can fog up from the inside without proper ventilation. Many drivers in the area are not used to turning on their defroster since it isn’t necessary throughout the rest of the year. As such, many don’t notice their windows fogging up until it’s too late.

Skidding and Sliding

People associate skidding and sliding on the road with ice and frigid winter conditions. But ice isn’t the only thing that can cause wheels to slip on the road. Southern California residents know all too well that skidding can occur due to a wet road just as much as an icy one. 

More often than not, drivers are the cause of the skidding. While the vehicle may have slipped because of the ice, the driver’s behavior prior to coming into contact with the ice is often the determining factor. Fortunately, most skidding and sliding can be negated by paying attention, obeying the rules of the road, and driving in a calm and safe manner.

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