Truck driving down the I-10 in California avoiding a truck accident
Truck accidents cause some of California's most serious motor vehicle accident injuries. The large size of a commercial truck means that impact with a smaller vehicle can bring deadly results and life-altering injuries. 

If you’ve been involved in a California truck accident, a truck accident attorney can help you gain compensation for the damage. Identifying who was at fault for a trucking accident is integral to building a case.

Many different types of truck accidents occur. The kind of accident directly impacts which party is found at fault, determining who pays for the injuries. 

Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife accidents happen when a truck’s trailer and cab form an angle resembling the shape of a closing jackknife. It’s common for this type of accident to occur across multiple highway lanes, which increases the risk of numerous vehicles being involved in an accident. 

If a jackknife accident occurs due to weather conditions, speeding, or a truck driver operating under the influence, the truck driver will likely be responsible. 

Jackknife accidents can also occur due to factors beyond a driver’s control. In these cases, another party might legally be at fault. 

Rollover Accidents

As the name implies, a rollover accident happens when a truck’s center of gravity is thrown off so severely that the truck rolls over. When smaller vehicles are in the path of a rollover truck accident, the result can be deadly. 

Speeding truck drivers often cause rollover accidents, but that’s not the only reason they occur. Trucks that carry liquid cargo are at particular risk of ending up in a rollover accident. 

A trucking company that employs under-trained drivers or improperly loads a tanker truck might be held responsible for the damage that results from a rollover accident. 

Mechanical Failure

A lot of oversight goes into ensuring that the many parts of a truck’s cab and cargo are safe for operation on California roadways. Mechanical issues like brake failure are often the reason behind a trucking accident. 

Trucking accidents caused by mechanical failure can increase the complexity of assessing fault and responsibility for compensation. 

A third-party mechanic’s faulty work can cause mechanical accidents. A truck accident attorney must work to establish which party is financially responsible for any injuries. 

Unsecured Cargo

Another leading cause of California truck accidents is unsecured cargo. Cargo that comes loose from a truck can lead to severe accidents involving multiple vehicles. 

Unsecured cargo can happen due to oversight, like improper loading or securing the cargo. It’s also a risk from violating safety regulations like overloading a truck. Even when overloaded cargo doesn’t come loose, it can lead to other issues like blown tires.

A Truck Accident Attorney Can Help with Compensation 

A truck accident attorney can help build a case for compensation if you've been involved in a California truck accident. 
Contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers today to arrange a consultation with an experienced California truck accident attorney. 

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