After you’ve been hurt in an accident with a big rig or one of the other large commercial vehicles that share our roadways, you’re first thought probably isn’t about contacting an attorney to learn about your rights. However, once you’ve attended to your immediate medical and care needs, it’s worth thinking about talking with a legal professional—even if you don’t feel like you’re ready to make decisions about your potential injury claim.

Why Seek Legal Help Before You’re Ready to Make Decisions After a Santa Monica Truck Accident?

As soon as an accident takes place, the trucking company, insurance company, and their legal teams all spring into action to start limiting their responsibility and finding evidence that could minimize potential claims from injured victims. While victims are still in a hospital bed wondering what happened, their rights could be slowly disappearing—and, by the time they’re ready to make a decision, their claims have already become a lot more complicated.

By seeking an attorney who has direct experience working with victims of Santa Monica trucking accidents, you give yourself access to information about your rights, an ally who can explain complex legal concepts, and resources that help you protect your rights until you are ready to move forward.

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