In recent years it has come out that sitting “safely” at a computer screen all day, like most of us do, is not actually all that safe. The tolls it takes over time on your skeletal and cardiovascular systems, combined with a reduced tendency to exercise, means many of us are not as safe at work as we would otherwise think.


However, there are plenty of jobs out there with more immediate dangers. We have compiled a list of some of the jobs resulting in the highest instances of on-the-job injuries. If you’ve been injured on the job, call the Los Angeles injury lawyers you can trust at Steinberg Injury Lawyers right away. For now, here’s a peek at five of the most dangerous jobs in Southern California.




Dangerous tools, noxious fumes, and caustic chemicals are just some of the hazards that mechanics work with every day. In addition, blunt force trauma accidents occur when equipment malfunctions, jacks are not properly fitted, or car hoods are improperly secured.


Metal Crafters


The combination of heat and metal makes it easy to see why welders and other metal crafters have one of the most dangerous jobs around. In addition, while a welding mask protects the face from heat and intense light, it does nothing to prevent inhalation of chemicals and smoke, which can lead to long-term lung damage.




The logging industry is a long-time source of danger in the workplace. It isn’t hard to imagine why. Lumberjacks deal routinely with sharp equipment, long hours, and heavy materials.


Construction Workers


Those in the construction industry often work on precarious structures without tethers and must handle dangerous equipment simultaneously. In addition to the obvious dangers, there is also an increased risk of heat stroke and other weather-related injuries.


Police Officers


Police officers put their lives on the line every day for the populations they serve. Risks that accompany the job include everything from running injuries to gunshot wounds. Nonetheless, officers accept these risks every day. Even off-duty officers must be aware of their surroundings to be sure the dangers of the job have not followed them home.


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