After the terrifying experience of being in a car accident and getting hurt, many Californians are tempted to put off taking action. If you have recently been hurt and are avoiding thinking about your injuries or what happens next, you are definitely not alone—but you should be careful. Whether you’re worried about your rights, worried about your finances, or just need some time to think, waiting too long to take action can severely limit your chances for a successful injury claim.

Why Medical Attention Is So Important for Victims of Car Accidents

Although you may be hesitant to seek medical treatment, you shouldn’t take risks with your health after the trauma of a car accident. Medical attention is crucial for car accident victims because:

  • Even if you “feel fine,” there may be hidden complications that only a thorough medical examination can uncover.
  • Minor injuries that are improperly treated at home or go entirely untreated can turn into major problems down the road.
  • Medical documentation is important for supporting your injury claim, and the insurance company will try to use any delay in treatment against you.

How Waiting to Take Action Can Limit Your Success in an Injury Claim

It’s not always clear that the clock is ticking after an accident, but here are three common examples of how waiting can hurt your injury claim in the long run:

  • Waiting too long to seek medical attention after an accident can not only take a toll on your health, it may also make it difficult to prove the true extent and severity of your injuries.
  • Time limits do apply in California car accident cases, and it is completely possible to wait too long and miss your chance to even attempt to file a claim for your injuries.
  • Memories fade with time, and so do witnesses, important evidence, and other information you will need to make your claim a success. If you wait too long to start collecting the documentation that supports your injury claim, it may be impossible to get the evidence you need.

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