After a dog bite attack, a victim may decide to pursue a claim for compensation against the parties responsible for the attack. By doing so, the victim may recover losses associated with their injuries. These losses may include medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. In many cases, after initiating a claim, it may ultimately settle. Various factors can influence a potential settlement after a dog bite attack.

Factors Influencing a Dog Bite Attack Settlement

The following factors might influence a dog bite attack settlement:

  1. What the parties to the lawsuit estimate that a jury would award the victim if the case were to go to trial
  2. Whether the defendant feels that he or she has a chance of winning at trial and avoiding liability
  3. The amount of damages that the plaintiff could potentially be entitled to if the claim goes to trial. This  can include amounts that are relatively clear and concrete, such as medical bills and lost income. It can also include amounts that are often difficult to calculate, such as emotional pain and suffering, damages for disfigurement, future earnings, and costs associated with the need for future medical treatment.
  4. Whether the defendant has any available defenses
  5. How clear it is that the defendant’s dog bit the victim
  6. The nature of the injuries suffered and how those injuries impacted the victim. For example, if the victim was bitten on the hand and the victim was a talented artist prior to the attack, the victim’s loss of quality of life will be higher than for a different victim.
  7. Where the lawsuit is filed. History has shown that in many cases, juries formed from a pool of people making up a more rural area tend to award more conservative damages than those made up of jury members from more urban areas. Certain areas may also be more sensitive to dog bite injuries, if, for example, the area recently had a well-publicized or large number of attacks.
  8. Who is representing the victim. If the attorney for the victim has a history of accepting low settlements and not going to trial, the defendant may offer a lower settlement than he or she otherwise would if the victim were represented by a different attorney.

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