The brain is one of the most delicate vital organs in the human body. Fortunately, it is armored against most trauma by being enclosed within the skull; however, this doesn't always keep it safe, especially in the event of a car or truck accident.

Sometimes an accident caused by negligence, such as running a red light on Santa Monica Boulevard, results in serious injuries. One injury that may be sustained is a fractured skull, which is caused by a heavy impact to the skull. A fractured skull is a serious injury that needs to be treated right away by a medical professional.

Four ways a skull fracture may be treated include:

  • Medication. One of the first steps to treat a fractured skull is to medicate the victim. There are different medical treatments possible for a skull fracture. An antibiotic may be prescribed to prevent infection from setting in. Steroids may be used to decrease any swelling. Pain relievers are also used with skull fractures as the injury can be very painful.
  • Lumbar drain. A fracture in the skull can cause pressure on the victim’s head. To alleviate this pressure, a doctor may perform a lumbar drain. This is a special type of minor surgery in which a plastic tube is inserted through the skin to the lower part of the spine.
  • Spinal tap. The head and brain may have pressure due to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaking. In order to fix this problem the doctor may need to do a spinal tap on the victim.
  • Surgery. In the event of a skull fracture, pieces of bone can become free. Those bone fragments may need to be removed surgically before they can press into brain tissue. Damage caused to the skull bones may also need to be fixed using surgical methods.

It is important that you seek the compensation that you deserve if you have suffered a skull or brain injury due to someone else’s misbehavior. To discuss your situation, please fill out the contact form found on this page, or call our Santa Monica car wreck lawyers for more information.

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