Multiple trucks involved in an accident on the road.

In a simple personal injury case, there are two parties. One is the injury victim, who suffered harm at the hands of another. The other party is the defendant, whose negligent actions are to blame for the accident and the victim’s injuries. The victim sues the defendant, and the defendant pays compensation to the victim.

Trucking accidents are rarely this simple. When a truck driver employed by a company drives a rig serviced by one maintenance company and pulls a trailer loaded by another company, numerous parties whose negligence played a role in the crash can be involved. 

While it is possible to sue and receive compensation from multiple parties, the victim must show who is responsible and to what extent.

Parties Are Responsible for Their Own Negligence

In any California personal injury case, including truck accidents, each person can be held responsible for the injuries and harm they cause. When more than one person plays a role in causing an accident, each individual is only responsible for their share of the damage. 

This requires courts to determine each party’s culpability for a victim’s injuries. Each responsible party’s liability would be expressed as a percentage, and altogether, these percentages would add up to 100 percent. This includes the injury victims if their own careless conduct contributed to their injuries.

This holds true in truck accident cases as well. Your truck accident attorney would need to identify all parties whose negligence played some role in causing the wreck. Then, your truck accident attorney could pursue each for their share of your damages.

For example, suppose that you suffer $10,000 in damages. If one party is found to be 60 percent responsible for your injuries, that party will be required to pay $6,000. Conversely, the other party would be 40 percent responsible and ordered to pay you $4,000.

Responsible Parties in Trucking Accident Cases

Several individuals and business entities could be responsible in some way for any truck accident. Only a thorough investigation by your truck accident attorney will reveal which of these parties should be sued:

  • The truck driver
  • The company that employed the truck driver
  • The manufacturer of the rig the truck driver was operating
  • The manufacturer of any parts that might have failed in the crash
  • The company responsible for loading the trailer

In addition to these parties, other motorists and government entities like municipalities may have also committed acts of negligence. 

For instance, a municipality may have negligently maintained a road, or someone may have cut the truck driver off in traffic. These people, too, should have their culpability examined by an experienced truck accident attorney.

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Trucking accidents can be complicated not just from an evidentiary standpoint but also from having potentially multiple responsible parties. Trust the experienced truck accident attorneys at Steinberg Injury Lawyers to bring suit against those who caused your accident so that you can seek full compensation and justice. 

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