People in Riverside are constantly on the go. We often take pride in our busy lives as we brag to our friends about how much time we don’t have—whether it's because we taking our kids to little league baseball in the evenings or taking extra classes at UC Riverside. But this means that we don’t have time to stop at home for the simplest conveniences such as using the restroom. If we are not able to use our homes for restrooms we must use public restrooms, such as at work, school, or the store.

The problem with using public restrooms is that they can be dangerous areas. They are actually one of the most common places that slip and fall accidents take place. They are prone to slip and fall accidents due to the large amounts of water and floor that can easily become slippery. To keep them safe they need regular maintained and upkeep.

Because owners and managers often do not care for their restrooms in the manner they should, it is important that you know how to avoid a slip and fall. Three ways you can prevent a slip and fall accident from occurring in the restroom are:

  • Look down. A slip and fall is most likely going to happen because of a wet floor or broken tile. As you walk through the restroom be keep your eyes looking all directions—including downward—as you look for these dangers.
  • Avoid. Being able to notice the dangers will do nothing if you decide to trek through a hazardous area anyway. Instead, take the long way and walk around the potentially dangerous area.
  • Tell someone. If you notice that the floor is wet or damaged you should notify the management right away. They should be able to take care of the problem, which may save you or others from injury.

Sadly, not all managers or owners will take steps necessary to keep their customers safe. As a result, you may become injured in a slip and fall accident. To learn more about slip and fall accidents, read today’s related articles.

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