We all assume that the truckers we share the Southern California roadways with are fit to operate their vehicles. However, who is determining if they are fit and healthy enough to meet the medical requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT)?

All truckers are required to obtain a medical certificate every two years confirming that they are healthy enough to operate a truck.  The problem is you might be led to believe that regular doctors are the ones who must issue the certificates, especially in light of the fact that large trucks pose increased risks to the rest of us.

In truth, just about any health care professional, including chiropractors, physician assistants and advance practice nurses, can issue the medical certificates. What’s even more alarming is the fact that there are no training requirements and only limited standards for what they are required to check.

What happens when a truck driver is denied a medical certificate? Since there is no database, that particular trucker can go to as many health care professionals as it takes to finally find someone who will issue the medical certificate.

That trucker could be in the lane right next to you this afternoon. That trucker may not be healthy enough to operate the big rig.

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