Truckers are required to sit and drive for extended periods of time. They have to do their jobs to get paid, just like anyone else does. However, trucking can be exhausting and extensive. Just as the Department of Transportation (DOT) makes sure that the trucks operate correctly, it is equally (if not more) important to ensure the health of the person driving the truck. Surprisingly, truckers’ requirements are often neglected, creating danger on the roadways.

Every trucker is required to have a legitimate clean bill of health. The Department of Transportation has even set up medical clinics at truck stops all across the country. These DOT medical exams are often conducted and issued by doctors or medical practitioners. Unfortunately, many truckers have reported that these exams are less than sufficient. Even worse, truckers can attain their medical certification online and fill out a form themselves. Also, false medical qualification is relatively easy to attain as well. Truckers who don’t take the time to recertify themselves put all others on the road in danger.

Many trucking accidents have been reported where witnesses have seen truckers slumping in their seats right before the crash. After investigating, it was discovered that these truckers were on drugs, like marijuana and sleeping pills. Many accidents have occurred that caused the fatalities of dozens of people. If a driver is found without medical certification, they are simply fined then freed to get back on the road.

The road is dangerous as it is; adding in more hazards by letting potentially unhealthy and unqualified truckers could lead to fatal results. If you have been the victim of a negligent trucker, contact an experienced Riverside truck accident attorney at Steinberg Injury Lawyers Injury Lawyers at (800) 989-6385 for a free case evaluation.

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