A simple trip and fall or slip and fall can lead to a painful ankle fracture.  Most broken ankles will heal without complication, while others will result in serious problems.  One of the most serious types of broken ankles is a trimalleolar fracture.

There are multiple bones involved in a trimalleolar ankle fracture, which is one reason this bone break is so serious.  The recovery time for a healthy person is six weeks.

Ankle fractures can cause major problems, ranging from arthritis to bone infection.  A broken ankle can lead to a condition known as compartment syndrome, which is characterized by pain, swelling and disability of the leg and arm muscles.  It is possible for the nerves to become damaged.

The surgery for a broken ankle is intensive.  Pins and screws are typically utilized to align and stabilize the ankle during the recovery period.

If you have suffered from a broken ankle, such as a trimalleloar fracture, you may be entitled to compensation.  When negligence is involved in the accident, you can hold the negligent person responsible.   Contact a Santa Monica accident attorney at Steinberg at (800) 350-8888 for legal advice.

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