Roughly a million people nationwide will visit the ER this year for treatment due to slip-and-fall accidents. For some, the injuries will be minor and after some quick treatment they’ll be on their way. For others, a serious slip-and-fall can lead to cracked ribs, dislocated hips, skull fractures, or even death. Thousands of accidents of this type claim the livelihood or lives of people across the country each year. These are three of the most common causes to watch out for.

Wet Surfaces

Most slip-and-fall accidents are caused by hazardous walking surfaces, and much of the time the hazard is slippery, wet flooring. This can be a result of improper indoor maintenance, such as a grocery store spill that was not cleaned up in a timely manner, or a result of weather conditions that have made their way indoors, such as tracked-in puddles. A floor that has been recently mopped or waxed, but isn’t displaying the proper signage, can also lead to a slip-and-fall. 

Uneven Surfaces

Uneven walking surfaces are another potential source of harm. This can be due to torn carpeting, defective sidewalks, potholes, or cluttered indoor floors. Although it is impossible to clear obstacles that could potentially be a tripping hazard from every walking surface, property owners often have a duty to create a reasonably safe space for guests and customers to walk through. 

Improper Job Training

Many slip-and-fall accidents in Southern California take place on worksites. It is the employer’s duty to train employees on how to safely walk on the narrow or slippery pathways common on construction sites and within manufacturing plants. Improper on-the-job training can be a traceable cause of slip-and-fall accidents in which the employer is held responsible.

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