Motorcycle enthusiasts across the nation come right here to Southern California to test their skills and take in the sights on the many scenic highways, historic roadways, and national park loops the state has to offer. Whether you’re enjoying the views on the Rim of the World Scenic Byway to Big Bear Lake, savoring the feeling of the open road on Pines to Palms Scenic Byway, or crossing Route 66 off your bucket list this summer, it’s likely that you’ll return home with stories of a life-changing experience—but don’t ignore the risks and let that life-changing experience come from a motorcycle accident.   

Ignoring the Risk for Motorcycle Accidents Can Turn a Scenic California Ride Into a Tragedy 

Although you may be away from your routine on a relaxing vacation, the rules and risks of the road don’t change. In fact, popular Southern California motorcycle routes can pose risks beyond the usual, including:

  • Sharing the road. As you ride major motorcycle routes, you’ll also be sharing the road with other riders and drivers. Although you envision the open road, the reality is that you may be negotiating around tourist’s RVs, local traffic, trucking traffic, and even bicyclists.
  • Challenging routes. Hairpin turns, steep grades, varying road surfaces, and other details can make for a memorable ride, but riders or drivers who are inexperienced, distracted, or speeding can create major accidents while negotiating these challenging roads.
  • Beautiful scenery. Breathtaking views of mountains, coastline, and desert are a major attraction on California’s many motorcycle roads, but it makes it easy for drivers and riders to take their eyes off the road and cause an accident.
  • “Vacation brain.” Even experienced riders can let their attention slip when they’re immersed in the experience, or even just a little worn down from the excitement of the trip.

Five Safety Tips

Here is a look at five safety tips you should consider every time you hop on your bike:

  1. Always wear a helmet. Make sure it fits properly.
  2. Never ride faster than the posted speed limit. Consider slowing down at night or in bad weather.
  3. Always use your turn signals when turning or switching lanes.
  4. Avoid blind spots when riding along other vehicles, especially large commercial trucks.
  5. Avoid tailgating other vehicles. Allow enough space in the event the vehicle in front of you stops or slows down suddenly. 

Arm Yourself With Information About Southern California Motorcycle Accidents Before the Worst Happens

Before you set out on the ride of a lifetime, arm yourself with information. Request your free copy of our book, 7 Big Mistakes to Avoid After a Motorcycle or Bicycle Accident, which explains exactly what you need to do if you are hit by another driver and how to protect your rights while you make sense of what happened. And don’t forget that you can always contact our experienced Southern California legal team directly with any questions you may have.


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