Are you dreaming of riding out of Santa Monica on Route 66? Have you been looking forward to having the time to cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway and take in the sights? There’s no doubt that Southern California offers some legendary rides for motorcyclists, and it can be a thrill to finally plan the motorcycle vacation of a lifetime. However, don’t let your excitement push safety out of your mind. If you’re planning to take advantage of some of the best motorcycle routes in the United States this summer and fall, make sure you’re prepared to handle:

  • The length of the ride. Motorcycle enthusiasts dream of riding Southern California’s motorcycle routes, but many aren’t prepared for just how long they’ll be on the road and how rough an extended ride can be.
  • The lay of the land. Even experienced riders can be thrown off by hairpin turns on curvy mountain roads—or even just hypnotized by long, flat stretches in the desert.
  • Unexpected weather. Although clear skies and warm temperatures make Southern California an ideal place to ride, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Just in case luck isn’t on your side, make sure you’re prepared to ride in bad weather.

Five Tips to Help You Get Ready for the Riding Season

Before you take your bike out on the road after it has been sitting, you should:

  1. Test the brakes and make sure your headlights and turn signals are working properly.
  2. Check all engine fluid levels, including oil and fuel.
  3. Ensure your mirrors are positioned properly.
  4. Check all cables to make sure they are not worn or frayed.
  5. Consider taking a motorcycle safety course to brush up on your skills and knowledge.


Not All Accidents Can Be Avoided

Though they may help, following these safety tips may not prevent a motorcycle crash. You could still become the victim of another motorist’s negligence. The team at Steinberg Injury Lawyers will work hard to help you hold the other driver responsible for your injuries.

No matter how hard you try, it’s just not possible to prevent every motorcycle accident. Do you know what to do if the worst happens while you’re on a ride? Request your free copy of our important guide, 7 Big Mistakes to Avoid After a Motorcycle or Bicycle Accident, which will help you and your family negotiate the aftermath of a serious accident and get the help you need to recover—or speak with our experienced Santa Monica injury team directly if you need immediate assistance.


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