Traveling in and around the greater Los Angeles area, all motorists will at some point encounter big rig trucks. Sharing the roads with these massive vehicles presents significant risks to other motorists. The substantial size and weight of these vehicles often results in devastating injuries and property damage when an accident occurs. Unfortunately, improper loading of cargo on these large trucks is a frequent contributor to these types of crashes.

5 Ways Improperly-Loaded Trucks Lead to Accidents

While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does impose regulations on truck drivers and companies with regard to the proper loading of vehicles, these regulations are not always followed properly. Unfortunately, improperly loaded trucks are difficult for even the most experienced of truck drivers to control.   How does improper loading of a truck lead to an accident? The following are five examples:

  1. When cargo is overloaded onto a truck and the driver attempts to shift, he or she can lose control over the truck. This can cause a crash.
  2. Studies have shown that overloaded and improperly loaded big rig trucks are at a higher risk of both rollovers and jackknife accidents.
  3. When a truck is improperly loaded with cargo beyond its acceptable weight limits, the tires on the vehicle can burst. When tires burst, the driver may lose control over the vehicle and crash.
  4. When cargo is overloaded, improperly balanced, or improperly secured to a large truck, the vehicle may be unable to travel up steep inclines. When this happens, it creates a significant hazard on the roadway.
  5. When traveling down a hill, a driver may be unable to stop a large truck if it has been improperly loaded. The risk of the brakes failing is greatly increased.

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