You’ve heard how slip and fall accidents can lead to head injuries, slipped discs, and broken legs. In fact, it was because of these stories that you threw yourself forward to protect yourself when you suffered a fall. While you managed to avoid a concussion or spinal injury, your hands hit the pavement pretty hard—and then you landed on top of them.

Complications of a Wrist Injury After a Slip and Fall

When people fall suddenly, they naturally try to “break” the fall by pushing their hands toward the ground. This instinct can protect your head, back, and face from injury, but it also places all of the force of impact into your hands and arms. This typically causes a break at the weakest point in the arm, usually the wrist.

The wrist joint is particularly vulnerable in a fall because it is often twisted during impact. The force of the fall in your hands and the pressure of your body weight on your arms places additional strain on the wrists, which may suffer several fractures as a result.

A broken wrist can have lifelong complications if it does not heal properly. If a wrist fracture is not treated quickly, victims may suffer one or more of the following:

  • Nerve damage. Bone fragments from a broken wrist can sever nerves in the hand, affecting feeling in the palm and fingers.
  • Circulation problems. Victims may suffer numbness or bleeding in the hand and arm if the blood vessels in the wrist have been severed.
  • Pain or stiffness. Many patients experience stiffness or dull pain in their wrists during the healing process, which may continue for several years after the injury.
  • Lost function. Some victims suffer restricted range of motion or are unable to perform small movements, such as turning doorknobs, buttoning shirts, or even driving.
  • Osteoarthritis. Broken bones increase the risk of osteoarthritis, particularly when the bone is broken at a joint. Arthritis symptoms in your wrist may begin shortly after the fall and last for the rest of your life.

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