According to California law, you have to report an accident to the DMV when one of the vehicles involved in the crash has $750 or more in damage or if anyone is injured or dies.  The San Diego car accident will show up on your driving record.

The DMV requires that you complete the Report of Traffic Accident Occurring in California (SR 1) form within 10 days, even if the injuries were only minor.  This report is mandatory in addition to the report you make to the police or your insurance company.  If you don’t complete it, your driver’s license can be suspended.  Your license can also be suspended if you didn’t have the right insurance coverage at the time of the auto accident.

You can obtain this form on the DMV’s website, at a California Highway Patrol location or local DMV office.  It is important to note that even if you did not cause the car accident, you still have to file the SR 1 form.

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