Truck accident cases are more complex than other types of injury cases and generally require more time to resolve.  You will need to factor in the time it takes to investigate the details of the accident and prepare your case.  It can take anywhere from a few months to over a year.  However, some trucking accident cases are settled outside of trial, which can speed up the process.

Once a settlement or verdict is reached, the length of time it will take to receive your compensation depends on how long it takes the insurer to pay the claim.  The date in which the insurance company must pay you, is outlined in the verdict or settlement agreement.  The agreement is an enforceable contract, so you can usually count on the insurance company honoring the deadline.

There are many factors involved in Southern California truck accident cases.  The trucking company, insurance company and defense lawyers will work hard on trying to show that they were not responsible.  It is therefore imperative that you have an experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer on your side, looking out for your best interests.  At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, we have resolved more than 12,000 cases and can help you.

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