While not every attorney will offer exactly the same complimentary services or level of hands-on experience with California personal injury cases, most accident victims in California face very little risk in taking their concerns to an attorney. In most cases, as an accident victim, you will find that:

  • An attorney can review your case and answer questions even before you make the decision to hire a legal team.
  • You are not obligated to hire our legal team simply because you contacted us with questions.
  • You are generally not charged for your first case review with our team.
  • If you do decide to hire our team, we will make your obligations clear and thoroughly address any concerns you may have.

If you’re unsure what an attorney requires of you, don’t be afraid to ask. The real risks in contacting an attorney have less to do with rooting out potential “tricks” or hidden traps and more to do with finding an attorney who has a history of successes, takes your concerns seriously, makes you feel comfortable, focuses on educating you about your rights and your case, and can answer your questions in language you understand.

Once you have found the attorney that is right for you, you will probably find that the immediate benefits of an experienced legal team’s knowledge, resources, and support quickly alleviate any anxiety you may have felt before you picked up the phone to learn more about your rights.

To get to know our team and learn more about how we help California accident victims, call our offices directly, or connect with our team on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter today.


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