No.  Don’t sign anything the insurance company gives you without first talking with a car accident attorney.   Sometimes injuries take time to develop, so if you sign something too early, you may be forfeiting money in which you are entitled. 

It is difficult to have a complete understanding of your injuries right after a serious accident.  Many people find that their injuries change after the first couple of weeks following the incident and some injuries do not surface immediately.  For example, that minor pain you feel in your neck could turn out to be a more significant injury, requiring extensive medical treatment.  You will not know the true value of your claim until your injuries fully develop.

A general rule to remember following a traumatic accident is if the insurance company wants you to sign something quickly, it is a good indication that it is not in your best interests to do so.  You should always contact a Los Angeles accident lawyer following a California accident that results in significant injuries.  When you are represented by an attorney, you are usually able to obtain more compensation than if you tried to settle your accident claim on your own. 

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