When it comes time to file a claim for the injuries they’ve sustained, some victims of car accidents are in for a nasty surprise. Insurance companies have been known to deny legitimate injury claims for a number of reasons, but what it really boils down to is another tactic to protect their bottom lines.

You Don’t Have to Give up Hope If Your Injury Claim Is Denied

While many victims give up after a claim is initially denied, many aren’t aware that it may be possible to keep fighting for the compensation they deserve. The truth is that the initial denial of a claim isn’t necessarily the end of the story for injured victims. However, to effectively fight a denial, victims are likely to need the help of an attorney who has direct experience with accident claims in the state of California. With the help of a trained legal eye, you can determine why your claim was denied, identify potential problems, and get a clear idea of how and if you can continue to fight for what you truly deserve.

Even Legitimate Injury Claims Are Sometimes Denied

Many people receive a denial of their injury claims, and simply move on by paying out of pocket for the injuries the other driver caused. However, there are a number of reasons a claim may be denied right out of the gate, ranging from a mistake on an important form, to a directed attempt to get you to give up on your claim. Before you take no for an answer, review your claim and the reasons for denial with an experienced attorney.

How Delays Put Car Accident Victims Under Pressure

Even if your claim hasn’t been denied, you may run into problems as the months stretch on without answers or progress. As your medical bills pile up and deadlines approach, it’s easy to start wondering if you should just accept a low-ball offer or give up entirely.

While some complicated claims really can take a long time to resolve, some insurance companies will attempt to create these mysterious delays to pressure accident victims into accepting any settlement they choose to offer. An experienced attorney can help speed up the process and make sure that you are protected from pressure and manipulation to accept less than you deserve.

You can’t make confident decisions about a car accident claim unless you have the information you need. To learn more about protecting yourself from insurance company tricks and traps after you’ve been hurt, take the time today to request your free copy of our book, 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Injury Case.


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