Although California laws regarding dog bites are a lot tougher on dog owners than the laws in many other states, victims who get bitten can’t always count on the compensation they need for their medical bills and other expenses. There are several situations dog bite victims might find themselves in that could prevent them from being able to pursue an injury claim and hold the owner responsible. This might include situations where:

  • You were trespassing. If you weren’t allowed to be on the property, then it will be very difficult to prove the owner was responsible for the dog attacking you.
  • You provoked the dog. If you provoked the dog and were bitten, then the weight of negligence in the incident may fall solely on you.
  • The owner warned you about the dog. If you were told that the dog was dangerous or may bite and ignored those warnings, it is unlikely that you will be able to pin the responsibility on the owner.
  • You ignored posted warning or otherwise should have known there was a risk. Like many of the above examples, you are unlikely to be successful in recovering compensation for a dog bite if you ignored posted warnings or failed to use common sense.

However, although these exceptions do apply in some cases, keep in mind that even legitimate injury claims for dog bites are sometimes denied or unfairly blamed on the bite victim. If you are having trouble filing or negotiating a Santa Monica dog bite claim, learn more about your rights by requesting your free copy of our book, 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Injury Case.

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