When motorcyclists go shopping for riding gear, they usually set out for a high-end helmet and clothing they can move comfortably in. After all, a good ride depends on getting there in one piece—and that means equal parts protection and comfort.

But although your riding gear may prevent a serious head injury in a collision, it may not do much for your hands and legs as they hit the ground. Make sure you are protected from road rash by examining these three items:

  • Gloves. Too many motorcycles gloves look like turtles: knobby on the outside, but smooth and flexible on the inside. This may help you steer and keep your grip on the handlebars, but won’t stop you from shearing your palms on the asphalt. People almost always use their hands to stop a fall, so make sure your gloves are equipped with palm sliders to prevent road rash and broken wrists.
  • Leathers. Think your overalls will protect your legs from injuries? They may keep the wind from whipping your knees, but it only takes seconds for jeans to shred on contact with the road. Proper riding pants, such as leathers, not only prevent road rash, they help keep legs and knees straight, preventing joint injuries.
  • Helmets. Helmets should protect your entire head, and that includes your face. Remember, most bikers fall forward—and without a full-face helmet, you could permanently lose your nose, lips, and even ears as you skid across the road surface.

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