This is a case of a wrongful death of a 2 year old child from Chula Vista that should have, and could have, been avoided. The child drowned when left unattended in the area of the hot tub in Indio.  There was not fence around the hot tub.  We argued that a fence is required. The property owner was found responsible and the policy limit was obtained.  The mother is facing possible criminal charges.

This is one of the cases that was hard to handle from an emotional standpoint, but it reminds us why being a personal injury lawyer is so important. This case was extra gratifying because we obtained the maximum amount of insurance money available after two (2) other very good attorneys in Indio turned down this wrongful death case.  They had determined nothing could be won in a hot tub drowning of a child.  

We fought hard and found a way...Justice needs to be obtained for any one, regardless of age, who is injured or killed in an accident.

$300,000 Policy Limit