Our client is a 57 year old man who was an avid runner before being involved in this car accident in Huntington Beach, CA.   Prior to this car accident, he had been advised by his doctors that he needed to stop running due to degeneration in his right hip.   He had not been having any symptoms or pain in the right hip until the driver of the other car pulled out in front of our client,  causing an offset frontal collision.

Two different orthopedists confirmed the need for a hip replacement.  Both orthopedists attributed the need for the hip replacement to the collision based on the fact that our client did not have any symptoms prior to the collision.  

Traumatic aggravation of pre-existing degeneration in the right hip was proven by our litigation attorney.  We demanded the policy limits based on a detailed theory of the biomechanics of the injury. We also included references to studies looking at hip injuries in offset frontal collisions.