Why more women suffer from deadly car accident injuries

Car companies frequently feature crash test dummies in commercials to convince us to buy their safe vehicles. But, when it comes to these safety tests, only one portion of the population may be represented.

In fact, women are 73% more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a car accident than a man.

What’s Happening?

Most crash test dummies are based on the average male body, meaning the results of those crash tests only show what happens in similar car accidents involving men, instead of women.

Once more, “female” test dummies typically are around 5 ft tall and weigh just around 110 pounds. Clearly, it’s important to understand how to protect all body-types and sizes when it comes to vehicle safety testing.

Men and Women Differ

From a biological perspective, the male and female bodies differ in some critical ways. Simply put, the female body is more fragile than the male body.

For example, men carry more weight and protection around their midsection, while women tend to carry weight around the waist and thighs. These differences mean a lot when it comes to the efficacy of a seatbelt.

For every man and woman who wears a seatbelt, a woman is 50 percent more likely to be seriously or fatally injured.

Also, factoring in proximity to the steering wheel, how women naturally sit, and even hormonal differences which can affect the bone or tissue response to injury – crash tests do not offer an accurate prediction of injury for women.

Lack of Information

Because crash test dummies were modeled after the male body, women’s injuries from car accidents have largely been underrepresented. Luckily, that’s changing.

Now that we know this information, it’s easier to provide safeguards for all drivers and passengers, both male and female. While we’ll have to wait for new data and statistics, the study also offered good news for everyone.

Newer cars indeed really are safer. In fact, you’re 50% less likely to suffer serious injuries in a car accident if you’re in a late model (2009 or newer) vehicle.

Injuries Still Happen

Despite our best efforts to stay focused on the road and use safer cars, accidents still happen, and they can cause injuries, both minor and severe.

When you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, your only focus should be on your recovery, no matter how minor. A seasoned car accident lawyer can give you guidance on how to maneuver through the complexities of your personal injury claim.

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