Recently, California passed a law allowing drivers to use mobile devices while behind the wheel. However, it can only be done using voice technology. 

Many groups, such as the National Safety Council for California, are voicing concern and asking the state to rethink the new law, citing that voice-texting while driving is still dangerous. 

Many Still Consider it Dangerous

Regardless of technology, texting and driving can lead to a serious Santa Monica car accident. A University of Utah study by David Strayer found that whether drivers were using hands-free technology or not, participants in the study:

  • Suffered significant impairment.
  • Had slower reaction times.
  • Were involved in more simulated accidents.

It’s Still about Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

Other studies have shown that sending a simple voice text still leads drivers to take their eyes off the road more often than normal. Voice texts still require a high level of concentration. You should keep your eyes on the road at all times.

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Tina Shrock 03/07/2013 05:26 PM
Texting while driving is still dangerous as many will agree too. Even while on the phone people slow down and usually are UN-aware they have done so. Which means they are paying more attention to the phone/text or other devices instead of the roadway! Please drive with caution and awareness, it could save a life! Stay safe!
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Juan Arango 05/14/2013 01:52 PM
Sure it will. I am very glad they came out with this new law
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