Keeping a personal injury journal can be a game changer for your case

Whether you’re injured in a car accident, bike accident, slip and fall, or another type of accident that isn’t your fault, your biggest concern is getting better. Unfortunately, getting better costs money.

Medical bills quickly pile up, and even if your injury is minor, you may be out of work and missing out on income to pay those bills. One of the best ways to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries is to keep a personal injury journal.

What is a Personal Injury Journal?

A personal injury journal is like a notebook or scrapbook containing all the details of your accident. It should contain:

  • Your recollection of the accident
  • Times, dates and other specific details
  • Witness contact information
  • Weather conditions
  • Medical records
  • Police reports
  • Updates on your pain/treatment status
  • Conversations with the insurance company, doctors and other providers

The goal for your personal injury journal is to give your Los Angeles accident lawyer a full and complete picture of your accident. Documenting your accident and your injuries will help your lawyer negotiate on your behalf and make sure your medical bills are paid.

How Often Should You Write in Your Personal Injury Journal?

You should write in your journal immediately following your accident. Put a copy of the police report, witness contact information, as well as your recollection of the accident.

You should also write in your journal whenever something happens, like another visit to the doctor or extreme or varying pains from your injuries. A journal will also help better illustrate the pain and suffering or emotional trauma you’re dealing with after the accident.

You don’t need to write every day, but you do need to document when you experience pain or inconvenience as a result of the accident.

This supporting documentation can also personally help you manage pain by noting triggers of certain symptoms, as well as what treatment options are working or not working.

Your Journal May Not Stay Private

It’s important to note, unlike your high school journal, your personal injury journal may not remain private. Your journal contains your recollection of the accident and other pertinent medical information. In fact, your documentation may be used as evidence if your case goes to trial.

This shouldn’t prevent you from keeping a journal, however. A journal can help you recall information about your accident and even help to recall memories that you may have otherwise forgotten.

Getting Better Compensation With Documentation

When you’re injured in any kind of accident, you want to get better. You shouldn’t have to pay for any of your recovery expenses. However, part of getting full compensation is building a strong and convincing case.

A personal injury journal helps document the day to day to prove the severity and impact of your injury. It also helps an accident attorney tell the real story and struggle of your injury.

When you work with us, we’ll help you recover for:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs

You didn’t cause the accident and you shouldn’t bear any responsibility for the costs to get better. You deserve an aggressive and experienced accident injury attorney to help you recover the full value of your claim.

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